JA's classroom is a website where the students I teach can find the resources they need. This is the place to come for any lost worksheets, PowerPoint presentations that you can only half-remember, audio files to listen to again, and the prep instructions you forgot to write down! It’s also the place to look for links and lesson plans if I am unable to take a class or when you have been absent from school and need to find out what you missed. It also includes extension and revision materials, as well as other general information about Language, Languages, and Language Learning. Colleagues and pupils from other classes are welcome to use these resources too.

Quick summary

Utterson, passing by Jekyll’s house, sees him suffer some strange sort of seizure before Jekyll quickly closes his window.

More detailed summary

The following Sunday, Utterson and Enfield are taking their regular stroll. Passing the door where Enfield once saw Hyde enter to retrieve Jekyll’s cheque, Enfield remarks on the murder case. He notes that the story that began with the trampling has reached an end, as London will never again see Mr. Hyde. Enfield mentions that in the intervening weeks, he has learned that the run-down laboratory they pass is physically connected to Jekyll’s house, and they both stop to peer into the house’s windows, with Utterson noting his concern for Jekyll’s health. To their surprise, the two men find Jekyll at the window, enjoying the fresh air. Jekyll complains that he feels “very low,” and Utterson suggests that he join them for a walk, to help his circulation. Jekyll refuses, saying that he cannot go out. Then, just as they resume polite conversation, a look of terror seizes his face, and he quickly shuts the window and vanishes. Utterson and Enfield depart in shocked silence.


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