JA's classroom is a website where the students I teach can find the resources they need. This is the place to come for any lost worksheets, PowerPoint presentations that you can only half-remember, audio files to listen to again, and the prep instructions you forgot to write down! It’s also the place to look for links and lesson plans if I am unable to take a class or when you have been absent from school and need to find out what you missed. It also includes extension and revision materials, as well as other general information about Language, Languages, and Language Learning. Colleagues and pupils from other classes are welcome to use these resources too.

Quick Summary

Utterson argues with Jekyll over the question of his will and tells him what he has found out about Hyde. Jekyll tells him rather angrily to drop the question and says he can get rid of Mr Hyde at any point. He also requests that Utterson take care of Hyde when Jekyll is no longer there. Utterson reluctantly agrees.


More detailed summary

Two weeks later, Jekyll throws a well-attended dinner party. Utterson stays late so that the two men can speak privately. Utterson mentions the will, and Jekyll begins to make a joke about it, but he turns pale when Utterson tells him that he has been “learning something of young Hyde.” Jekyll explains that the situation with Hyde is exceptional and cannot be solved by talking. He also insists that “the moment I choose, I can be rid of Mr. Hyde.” But Jekyll emphasizes the great interest he currently takes in Hyde and his desire to continue to provide for him. He makes Utterson promise that he will carry out his will and testament.


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