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Key Connectors – TIME

Here some key connectors that you should use in your own writing. I have based my examples when writing about the text “An Inspector Calls”.

  1. Until – Everyone was happy until the Inspector arrived.
  2. Afterwards – Sheila was happy at the start, but afterwards she felt guilty.
  3. Meanwhile – Eva was living in poverty; meanwhile the Birlings were very comfortable.
  4. Straightaway – Gerald understood straightaway when the Inspector showed him the photo.
  5. Later – The young people understand their responsibility later in the play.
  6. Before – The play is set before the First World War.
  7. Now – Looking back now we can see that Birling is arrogant and wrong.
  8. By the time – By the time the Inspector leaves, everyone is in a state of shock.
  9. Since – Since Eva lost her job, her life has been miserable.
  10. During – The play was written during a time of great social change.
  11. Next time – The next time the audience sees Eric, he drinks even more.
  12. Earlier – Earlier in the play Sheila seemed to be very immature and silly.
  13. Whenever – It is always very tense whenever the Inspector is on stage.



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