JA's classroom is a website where the students I teach can find the resources they need. This is the place to come for any lost worksheets, PowerPoint presentations that you can only half-remember, audio files to listen to again, and the prep instructions you forgot to write down! It’s also the place to look for links and lesson plans if I am unable to take a class or when you have been absent from school and need to find out what you missed. It also includes extension and revision materials, as well as other general information about Language, Languages, and Language Learning. Colleagues and pupils from other classes are welcome to use these resources too.

What do we really mean when we say things? One of the most difficult parts of language learning is trying to work out what the words that someone else is saying really mean.

So, for example, when the young child asks mum for another biscuit and she replies: “You’ve already had one”, the child does not hear a negative, so will ask again. This time the answer might be: “No, I’ve already told you that you can’t.” Child then thinks “OK – ‘you’ve already had one’ = negative. Language Learning is much more complicated than I thought!”.

Often adults can make it just as complicated for other adults, sometimes on purpose! Check out the link to Anglo-EU translation:

Anglo-EU translation guide


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