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2 French Films

If you are interested in music, world cinema, relationships and/or a wonderful story of triumph over adversity, why not go and watch one or both of the following:


(PG) 86 minutes. French and Lingala, with English subtitles.

Staff Benda Bilili were a huge sensation at WOMAD, summer 2010. This French documentary follows the band’s remarkable fairytale journey from the streets of Kinshasa to international stardom. This group of musicians includes five paraplegics and an able-bodied teeanger who makes music from a tin can connected to a stick with a piece of nylon. They sing about life on the streets, suffering from polio and sleeping on cardboard, and they ride around on customised Mad Max-style tricycles. Fantastic music and remarkable characters make this an uplifting and unforgettable film. No surprise that it received a standing ovation at Cannes.

Check out the trailer at:



(15) 154 mins. French, with English subtitles.

An intimate portrait of a tight-knit group of 30-something Parisians. The film opens with Ludo fighting for his life in hospital after an accident. The rest of the group decide to go ahead with their annual summer holiday. However they are unable to shake off the impact of the accident, and it’s not long before emotions run high and tempers begin to flare.With each group member battling their own personal demons as well as collectively struggling with the mounting guilt, relationships are soon put to the test. This is a richly funny and deeply compassionate film that celebrates love and friendship without ever shying away from the myriad complexities of adult life.

View the trailer at:



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